Monday, December 01, 2008

Look at all the pretties waiting their turn on the frame :)
I just got backing for one this morning and batting. The 30's kitchen sink. Right now Carolina Crossroads is on the frame and giving me fits so I needed to take a break for a few minutes :)

From left to right we have Ocean waves and backing, Burger Queen mystery ( which needs the left over backing from OW for borders and binding)The fall Mystery, Pineapple blossom and the wall hanging and the 30's kitchen sink.

I better get these done asap so I can start cutting the mystery clues out soon.

The annual dressing of the animals for Christmas.

Trying to get away :P


Jeanne said...

Jasper is hiding now after seeing those pictures. He wants nothing to do with any Christmas outfits. VBG

Bonnie said...

Kim: What NYE mystery have you chosen to do. And, I can't wait to see your pineapple blossom. I love mine. And, catching a glimpse of reds, greys and blacks piques my interest. Your CC looks wonderful. When things are on the frame are you hand quilting or machine quilting? Just curious. As my hand quilting takes years and years! I've done 2 and 1/3rd quilts. Great work!