Friday, December 19, 2008

It's begining to look alot like Christmas

The best part about sewing bindings on quilts imho is that you need to clean off the sewing area so the quilt can lay on the table. And since yesterday was spent baking, it's still clean :) What a concept!!

The other night I finished the bindings on the pineapple blossom quilts. The blue one was given to my friend and she was speachless. I love that when you give a quilt they had no idea they were getting they can't speak.LOL and I finished this one for DD's BF. I figured she'd put it in the nice gift bag we have for it, but no. She and her kitty had to "test it out". Both approve *VBG*

On one of my yahoo groups we did a secret santa exchange.
Lookie at all the goodies. A new quilt book, thangles, Marti Mitchel stripper templates ( perfect for jelly rolls ) patterns, fabric, a hot pad in my fav color blue a tin that shows all the GS uniforms, a yummy 3 scent candle. And for those that read my 360 blog- a PEEP Puzzle-roflmao! Peeps Wars rock! My secret santa spoiled me rotten. Thanks Judy

The ornament went right on the tree:)

The drama of one person not getting their box has kinda put a damper on the whole thing. I hope none of that happens on Chookyblue's swap. Who's swap box I'm opening tomorrow (Sat) I was going to do it today but the teens are off of school- they're calling for snow...yeah ! They can bake some cookies and make themselves useful :)


Joansie said...

No school!!! Put those kids to work and earn their keep.

Lots of fun goodies onyourpost today!!!

Chookyblue...... said...

no one misses out on a gift in the SSCS.......everyone receives a parcel.......enjoy opening yours........