Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kansas Troubles are here to stay

This was today's project :)
Like it says, 16 are shown but more than 20 are done. Actually 20 are sewn into pinwheels. Making the blocks 20% done . YIPPEE!

For every one of these finished, that means 2 of the lazy/shooting star blocks are done also :) Good thing I only need 520 of them. Maybe it's time to think of big borders.
I probably have 80 of those done too. Need to cut more 6" squares tomorrow.

I have the black/red and white pineapple blossom quilted and the binding sewn on. Tomorrow when I come back from my mom's I hope to quilt the blue one. Those are the only 2 gifts that need to be quilted by the holiday. I have 4 more shirts to embroider but that's another project. My laptop lost internet and I'm going nuts trying to connect it so in the meantime hubby bought a 8gb memory stick that I'm transferring from my pc to the laptop a million or so embroidery designs. Some are unzipped, most are not. Which is a major PITA on the laptop :(

My mom is having major sight issues. She's become legally blind in a week :( and losing her zest for life. She was an advid crocheter and she could read a book in a day or two. No more.

Who's ready for the fat man in the red suit????

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Finn said...

Morning Kim, this is going to be one gorgeous quilt!! Don't get discouraged...I know it means A LOT of sewing, but it will be worth it!! I always wanted to make a Delectable Mountain(similar to your KT)and I finally did. I made it scrappy and KING size. Needless to say that altho it's been finished as a flimsey, it's been 6 years and there it sits! What needs doing is to take off one row so it's closer to QUEEN than KING.
Maybe in '09!! Big hugs, Finn