Friday, August 29, 2008

My sewing area

Imagine my surprise to find Moose sleeping on my AMish Tumbling blocks. I know that cats normally love quilts but don't we even get to finish them before they start sleeping on them????

Let's take a tour of my sewing area in the alcove of the dining room, shall we...............

Large storage drawers fit under the dining room table or if we're having a party, under the sewing table. It keeps my red/pink- green blue- and background colors that I use most right here in the house.

The wood coffin top was from my first treadle that I got rid of the table part. They wanted over 1K to restore the table- so I kept the 2 drawers that were in good shape and the coffin top to cover my embroidery machine to keep less dusty between uses. The basket ontop has embroidery projects and blocks - like Hunter's Star that I'm working on.

Sewing table with Maderia thread case in background. See the baggie on the left with my newly started collection of 2 1/2" blocks???

Storage tower holds stabilizers and hoops for embroidery machines Assorted stuff in old treadle desk drawers for art quilt type stuff shiva pencels- foiling stuff- rhinestone gun thingy. Finished blocks waiting to become tops are in the larger bottom drawers- like my quilt along blocks and pinwheels and patches from Quiltville -

Storge on top of shelf and works in progress hang by clothes pins.
Full quilt tops are on hangers- I should heed the Simplify sign huh??? See the strips cut for the pumpkin wall hanging and the mystery quilt? They don't get lost and you try and use them right awy so they don't get dusty.

For Joansie, one of my 3 book cases. All are just as packed. The big white binders are classes taken from Quilt University online classes-

the small storage tower holds all my 2 1/2" squares in the bottom two drawers and the top drawer holds 2 1/2" hsts. I love all those tiny squares and seem to use them alot so I try and use them up but I think they breed at night because they never seem to empty-EVER!!!

Hubby bought a couple yards of Buffalo Bills fabric thinking I could make a quilt for DS-hahahahahahaha. Well anyway I attempted at my first pair of curtains for his room....please excuse the mess- he is a teen male and it's better than normally.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Your cat is huge but you know that of course. I have the same problem with my 2 1/2" squares, I guess thats why I'm always inventing uses for them. I love that size. Everything looks so fun and handy. Isn't it fun to be surrounded by your tools of the trade.

Joansie said...

Moose is just so adorable. A cat with character!!!!

Ok, I envision myself sitting on the floor (needing help to get up again) looking at all your quilting books. Such fun! I have quite a few but have given many to my daughter. I kept the Debbie Mumm (sp?) ones.

kathyinozarks said...

Thanks for the craft room tour, and always love the kitty photos with quilts

Vickie E said...

Love your cat..he looks like my "little guy" whose not little at all...he's over 20 pounds!

Catherine said...

Moose is just giving your quilt top the paw's up seal of approval! :-)
Love the tour of your sewing area!