Monday, September 01, 2008

stay tuned

One quilt was finished and given away yesterday :D
2 more have binding attached and ready to be sewn down- one has a hanging sleeve :)
One more needs to be quilted- maybe tomorrow I'll pin it and quilt on the Viking....
It feels so good to finally be getting finishes again- yippee!!!

Hopefully pics of the finishes late tonight/early in the morning.

You never know- on the baseball fron the Yankees are still sucking all weekend but today they decide to kick butt against poor Jeanne's team- sorry Jeanne :( But even Ahole is hitting.
Oh did anyone see the article on Yahoo sports on our 300 million dollar migrane? See it's not just me.....

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Jeanne said...

Okay, the Yankees came out swinging the bats and scoring runs, but we didn't go quietly. VBG It was good to see the signs for Pudge.