Saturday, August 02, 2008

Sat Musings

Today I tried quilting that pretty black and white quilt I posted last week. Tried is the key word. My speed regulator decided today it was going to die on me- I've had it a few years and use it often but I'm less than amused as I had to order a new one for about $100.
So after a trip to Wally World to get the last of what DD needs to start school Monday I watched the Yankees and worked on my tumbling blocks- here's part of 2 rows of 30 done :)

My cat, Nancy , has this thing about freshly taken off shoes that the men of the house wear *bleck-gross*

Alittle catnip goes along way in helping with quilt layouts....

Moose decided he wanted to help also :(

Both cats have found something else to do beside "help me".


Joansie said...

Gotta love those cats! Personality plus, they are! I am always amazed at how quickly you can finish those quilts!

Jeanne said...

With 'helpers' like that, you'll have that quilt together in no time! VBG
Jasper has that smelly shoe thing, too. That Farnsworth did a GREAT job today. Only gave up two homeruns in our latest loss. Grrrrrrrrrrr.

eileen said...

Hi Kim :-) Thanks for he visit!
I love your kitty. He reminds me so much of our cat we had years ago name Louie.

LOVE your tumbling blocks! You just don't see very many people making them.. and it has always been one of my favorite patterns. I have never completed one.. but I truly think I am going to try. I will look forward to your progress. :-)