Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Are you kidding me???

Gotta love this pic almost as much as I love this one :

I actually own the second one and it hangs by my sewing area. Tek rocks ( even if he is a Red Sox)

Ahole makes 27 MILLION bucks a year....guess how many rbis he has in the 8th and 9th innings this year??? 2 yep a whole 2.....

Let's see we're going into the playoff home stretch and we're playing the Sox and how did Ahole do last night in 5 at bats???

Zero for Five

a strike out
ground into a double play
flyed out to center
another ground out into a double play
and then yet another strike out

and lets add an error for good measure....and you wonder why they Boo Birds are booing in the Bronx and I think I have 9 more years of this idiot to watch.....
Put a fork in them Yankees as long as Ahole is on the team we're doomed....( notice no pennants let along World Series since he got here? Coinidence? More like a curse................


Joansie said...

There's a definite problem there. ARod...hmm..not worth the money, for sure.

Jeanne said...

Kim, I feel your pain. How many days until spring training begins for 2009?

Sweet P said...

I'm so glad the Yankees got Ahole instead of the Red Sox!

That's all I'm going to say . . . for now at least.

Candace said...

Your pictures are so funny. I'll have to show DH as he loves 'Tek' I hadn't heard that name before. He went to high school where my kids went for a year or two.