Saturday, August 16, 2008

Charm Quilts

There was a discussion on one of my groups on what makes a charm quilt. So when you hear charm quilt what comes to mind for you?
I did this one in 2002 - I about made myself crazy trying not to use any of the same fabrics- there lots of fabrics- can't remember the total right now. What I did was sew rows of tumblers together and promise the kids a buck a piece if they could find duplicate fabrics as we went along. I think I paid $12 out -I remember buying lots of precut squares off of Ebay that summer.....

Today I'm dragging- was up late watching the frigging Yankees lose AGAIN! and then the news. NYC and our county was under a tornado watch last night AGAIN! what's with that? I didn't move to Kansas 15 years ago because I didn't want to deal with tornados and being home with kids alone. Now the kids are out and about in cars and the warnings come in...scarey I tell you.

But I'm making 2 different dinners tonight- pulled pork and burritos...yum to the second one :) And that's it for the weekend I think- well maybe I'll cook the ham too and have stuff for sandwiches. That should cover me a few days I hope. I dropped quite a bit of money and only bought meat, some dairy and produce and very little of anything else and still spent almost $250. Thought the freezer is full and the fridge will be packed tonight when the cooking is done it hardly looks like I bought anything other than makings for tomato sauce and a ton of pasta.....I can't wait for DS to go back to school.....he's killing us financially trying to feed him


Jeanne said...

A charm quilt to me is one made with each piece being a different fabric.
Your tumbler is wonderful. Good idea paying the kids to be detectives for doubles. *s* I understand your pain about the Yankees. We are in the same boat with the Tigers.

kathyinozarks said...

Sorry about your Yankees-but Favre looked good last night with the Jets-so nice of nfl channel to broadcast the game.
I always think of charm quilts as 5 inch squares for some reason. Your tumbler is gorgeous-as always-you make such neat quilts all the time Kim.
was real happy with the fatback link you had posted-I asked for samples and I got them in like 2 days-awesome.
I am working up apples this weekend-dehydrating, freezing for pies, and brandy making.
hope the tornadoes go away soon-hugs from the ozarks

Candace said...

I love your quilt,I am going to make one of those, but I guess it probably won't be a charm quilt, as I'm sure there will be plenty of duplicates. I'm ok with 'tumbler' quilt though.

Catherine said...

I think of a charm quilt as one which contains no fabrics twice.
Your tumbler quilt is fantastic. Love how bright and cheerful it is!