Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mystery Blocks and great mail

Stashbuster Group is doing a Burger Queen- Have it Your Way Mystery. It's been going on for weeks..I think 6 weeks. But with all the stuff I was trying to finish before vacation I never even started. But Thursday night I tried 2 sizes of my block and liked it so yesterday all day and today I finished all the blocks. And am now ready to finish the step posted for last week. I just might be caught up by Tuesday when they post the next step.
In the pic are blocks in the following sizes

5-12" blocks
5- 9" Blocks
13- 6" blocks
and the killer 22-3" blocks. But amazing but true they are all the correct size and ready for what the group is calling "plate formation" We use 9 paper plates with numbers that correspond to what is need in that block....we'll see how that works Monday when I start that part.

This is what 40 1 inch finished hsts looks like before I cut the sheet apart and press them open. Enough for almost 7 of the 3 inch blocks in the pic above...teeny tiny !

Last week I ordered a pattern from Nanette and then found the PERFECT border fabric for it...eggs!!!LOL! An my friend sent me 50 assorted 3" orange squares so I think this week I'll order the pumpkin pattern she has in her etsy shop.

A pattern from Fig Tree Quilts on a Lone Star block with NO Y SEAMS. Jelly roll friendly. Maybe the newest jelly roll needs to use this.....

Another good book on making scrap/stash quilts. I've already tagged a few for "someday".

Lookie, a pyramid template for another project coming up :)


Joansie said...

Wow........very interesting. I love the "egg" fabric but then of course you remember the chicks/eggs I blogged about a few weeks

Have fun with all of that.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I made a pyramid quilt a few years ago and I have no idea what happened to it. Its gone. I've searched my house several times. Weird. It was darling. All out of blue and white stripes of different fabrics. How does that happen? Maybe one of my kids stole it or I lost it taking it to and fro to trunk/quilt shows? I don't know but it bugs me. Seeing your template makes me want to make another. Oh well.