Sunday, February 03, 2008

Stashbusting Report 2/03/08

No new fabric came in the door and I used 2 yards of hand dyed reds to wrap a very late Christmas present :p
I'm piecing my Carolina Crossroads top together this week. I have almost half done today and need to pack it up. I have 25 Ocean Waves blocks made of 64 - that is very exciting to me :) I so want this quilt to be ready for the summer.
Grandma Cora is coming along nicely. I have 1 of 4 corners done and BIG parts of the other 3 done.
So I guess I'm down 2 yards of fabric and that it for my week. None came in - better than nothing I guess :)

doing a give away of sorts-a blog wide giveaway. I'll have to catch up with my 100th post give away and think of something to join in :)
Also, remember in Dec when SEWMAMASEWdid all those nifty gifts for the holidays? Feb is quilt month there- check them out :)

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