Sunday, February 03, 2008

Are you Ready for some Football??????

I know Paula is ;)

I'd love to see the Pats win for the perfect record- but lets face it, it's been done before by Miami. And it doesn't matter that the Pats played more games for the season, it's still the second perfect season (if they win-sorry) THe men of the house are geared up. I'm ready for some serious Cathedral Window sewing and the commercials :) ( my fav part of the game)
I have to go make 48 deviled eggs . Bleck, I hate them but I was asked to make them.

I managed to get 2 more ocean waves done yesterday and a few more rows of the G'Ma Cora quilt sewn. I'll be clenaing that all up for the weekend and finish my quilt along blocks and play with the layout now that all the blocks have been posted :)

So enjoy the game or the Bargello Bowl with Bonnie if that's what you're doing.

Is anyone else having problems with replies going to their spam box????


Sweet P said...

You bet I'm ready!

Joansie said...

Darn, those Patriots lost. I really enjoyed the commercials though with my favorites being the career builder one and the Victoria's Secret one at the end.