Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I'm not losing my mind after all :)

I found them or I found 20 of them. Which is fine. I'll make it 4 x 6 and add wide borders. This is half a quilt's layout. Scrappy red/white and blue.

So the next time I can't find blocks, they're in the bottom 2 drawers of the rolling 7 drawer bins :). The quilt along blocks and ocean waves are there now.

I managed to get 7 blocks of color 10 done today also. We're moving right along with that. DD wants to lay out the blocks tonight to work with the backgrounds values as some are wows and some are coc's. If I can do that every other day and sew the rows together.....I might be able to start dyeing border fabric also GASP!!! What a concept. I may get done early. Be still my heart :)

For my leader/ender part of the quilt , cause I always need to do that, I'm working on the 16 patches for Patches and Pinwheels from Quiltville


Jeanne said...

Yeah, Kim! I knew you'd find them. Good idea telling everyone where you are keeping the other blocks in case they come up missing in the future.

Katie said...

I love the quilt!!!

Jackie said...

I love the colors and the quilt!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Boy this is a great piece. I really like it!

Rhonda said...

What a neat surprise and great quilt.