Monday, February 04, 2008

Blog Reading always gets me in trouble :)

Usually when I read blogs I click on all kinds of things from Amazon links to pattern links. And ALOT of the time I order much to hubby's dismay. But I'm creating a great collection of books and toys.
The other night I saw some cute shelf sitters of sewing stuff I saw on someone's blog- funny the person who's blog I was reading ordered them also because she saw them on a blog and it's like the Herbal Essence Commercial and they told to friends and so on and so on.

This morning reading Mark 's blog I saw this quilt and then spent 40 minutes in EQ redrawing it for the millions of pinwheels I have :). So far today I haven't ordered anything, but it's early in the day. ;)


Sewbaby said...

Well, guess what...I read your blog and I too ordered some sewing you get just one or all of them. I didn't get to pick which one I wanted...hmmm. It will be a surprise.


Joansie said...

Well, you certainly must order something! Tell hubby that Joansie told you to do it.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your visit on my blog!
It is always amazing to see many quilters have lots of info and resouces. So I just bought "Sewing Sitters" figurins the other day as soon as I saw them on somebody's blog.. They are so cute!!

Jeanne said...

I almost ordered the shelf sitters, too. Now the pinwheel quilt really speaks to me. What size are you planning to do?