Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Is it really Monday???

Remember the cute Valentine's Day wall hanging I made from Freda's Hive???? What I didn't know at the time, that if you sent a pic of the completed wall hanging she would send you another pattern. Very cool. Well this morning in the middle of my melt down ( read below) the mail came and look what I got!!!! I do believe I'm going to try the umbrella one first. I'm afraid if I make a snowman it will snow here :P

Now I know I needed 5 more of these blocks to make a quilt for a wounded soilder in my hometown. I was figuring 30 blocks and wide borders. I had them out, I counted them a few days ago and started pulling fabrics.

So today I finally decide to finish the hsts I need to make the broken dishes and get the last 5 blocks made. I'm on a roll. But now I can't find the other 25 blocks???????? I was about to really lose it. But went onto the Girl Scout quilt blocks and managed to finish color 9 !!!!! That means that I'm going to start the last color tomorrow !!! Yippee!!!!


Archaic Dome said...

Look under the pile of patterns in the corner by the bookshelf. That's where I always find my missing blocks. :)

Jeanne said...

How many times have I done that? I'm sure they are in a 'safe' place so you can find them. VBG