Monday, February 25, 2008

Fun Mail Day

I got a package in the mail :) I have 4 sets of jelly rolls that I wanted to do something with. What I wasn't sure. Ok I'm pretty sure for one of the sets the black and white one but I saw these in a magazine awhile back and I saw surfing Marti Mitchell's website for this book. Since I figured it could work as far as patterns for Inklingo and the template set I have .

But about all I've done today was embroider a denim shirt with a nice shamrock, and a half dozen dish towels for the Masonic Lodge for hubby.And sleep, I threw my back out on Saturday reaching for something on the floor by my chair while working on Cathedral windows and poof I was in serious pain. This morning I went to drs and got some muscle relaxants and promptly took some with food and went back to bed. When I get up for a few minutes I had a towel running and I'd go back to bed. I worked on my laptop with deleting and adding programs and went back to bed....see a pattern here?

But just sitting here typing is killing me so it's time for a snack and more meds and I'm going back to bed. I promise when I can sit long enough, I'll visit all the blogs that commented this weekend......till then don't have too much fun without me :)


Tracey in CT said...

Hope that you are on the mend and feeling better soon!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

I have these templates and this exact book. Its where I made my SEVEN SISTERS quilt that's on my Blog page from.

I really learned a lot from her book. I thought it was fantastic.

Healing vibes for you, *karendianne.