Saturday, June 30, 2007

Vintage State of Mind

Cool aren't they?? I won the thread case and thread on ebay this past week :)
Under $10 including shipping. So cute, I love wooden thread spools. I'd just love to fill a jar with more of them. And the pile of fabric, well that is one month from keepsake quiltings fq of the month and all my friends helping me with repors for my cathedral windows. Aren't friends great ? I think so I'm sure I'm going to have PLENTY to finish the king sized ALL BY HAND quilt. I hope by the end of the summer as I have another hand quilting project in mind for the fall/winter cooler months when having a quilt in you lap is fun.

Of course this morning I was checking my email and one of my favorite ebay sellers had those really cool yoyo makers from clover but they were hearts and flowers!!! Oh my I couldn't stop myself and now I'm getting both of those too in 2 sizes.....

Books and toys but no fabric.....maybe the stashbusters group was right with the diet of all things quilty, I'm not sure the economy can handle if I went on a diet of all of it though. That's my story and I'm sticking with it

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