Thursday, June 28, 2007

While minding my own business

The nice mail lady brought me a package yesterday, actually 2. But this is the one we're going to worry about since I'm not buying fabric except the borders, backing and bindings ( ok I cheat and buy whites too to help get this stuff used- it's still a b-backgrounds)I got a package STUFFED and I mean STUFFED of 30's repros....pretty pretty :). But now I have more fabric I "need" to use up. Heavy Sigh.
Then I remembered I'm supposed to be working on a love quilt for one of the groups I used to belong to, a commitment is a commitment so I go looking for the few blocks that came and find these:

and while working away on making more blocks for the love quilt I keep seeing the repro red I used for sashing and borders. They're hand pieced pretty much and everything I won them at an auction at our guild's annual luncheon. So I used up some of the incoming fabric but created a UFO - well for a day or two it is as the backing is in the dryer and I'm putting together some of the 36 patch blocks I have used for leaders and enders and some cool block I saw on someone's blog and decided to use some more of these insane 2 1/2" squares I seem to have become preoccupied with, I mean I must have 1,000's. I kid you not....but that's another story for another day......

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