Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Another day in paradise

No pic today- where I left my camera is beyond me :) At least I know it's in the house somewhere. Spent the day yesterday cutting and pressing more cathedral windows parts for take along VBG . Another dozen yoyo's. What I'm doing with those is still a mystery to me but they're fun, mindless sewing.And they look so cute in a mason jar on my sewing table.
Need to finish trimming my ocean waves hsts and try a block of that. Wouldn't it be terrible if I made all of them and now hate this block? :O
But the kiddies are still sleeping so I "try" no to make alot of noise till at least 9AM and then all bets are off.....VBEG. Guess I should grab another cup of coffee and get the day going. Wonder what other fabric trouble I can get into today??? One can only imagine.................

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