Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's Offical

Summer is here, the kiddies got out of school this afternoon .
DS graduated from 8th grade last night....DD managed to pass ALL of her classes with a C or above - woo hoo for her!
Spent the morning still trimming hsts for ocean waves-300 to go of the little ones, I haven't even started cutting that beautiful fabric I dyed for the large triangles in the corners.....the graduation quilt is quilted and the the binding has been sewn on on. I need to finish sewing it down tomorrow and make a label for it :)

The other day I got a book Liberated Quilting by Qwen it ,love it ,love it. I made a 14 1/2" block this morning one of her liberated log cabin blocks. When I get my camera back from DD later I'll take a pic and post. It felt so very weird to be just sewing together with no worries if it "Matched" in size or whatever just sew ,press and trim.
Then I went back to work on my 30's repros cathedral windows. Will be queen, almost king sized when finished. Still have lots to go...above is a sample block.....
that's it from the home front- need to finish these last few "windows so I can start another row .....

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