Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stashbuster Topic of the Week: What get's in the way of my quilty progress?

Hmmmmmm there's a great question for debate huh??
Well I seem to quilt at least 4 hours a day - I know I know spoiled rotten stay at home mom for the summer. Come fall I need to look for a job :(
But I think the starting and stopping of projects for whatever reason, to actually use the huge oak table for meals, or driving one of the kiddies from point A to B. And then there's the quilter's ADD that makes me jump from one project to another w/o finishing any. Well I shouldn't say that. When I get on a roll I have several finishes at one time and then hubby stands there shaking his head in wonder.
I have more than one leader/ender project going at anytime and there are so many wonderful patterns that I doubt I'll ever finish them all and get any sleep in this lifetime. VBG I mean I have enough fabric to do them all I'm quite sure but the time is the killer. After all the family does expect me to do the chores of Cinderella- cooking meals, laundry, drive them around etc , etc but then they see a quilt and want one of those too. And there's nothing the same as seeing a child of any age sleeping so peacefully under a quilt that YOU made for them ......so for now I'll play Cinderella for them because all too soon they'll be leaving here to be in the big world of college etc and then I'll have all the time to sew I want AND a sewing studio when I take over their rooms....lol