Thursday, January 08, 2009

Quilty Pranks

A few years ago a group I belong to went on a quilt retreat with Marge of Delaware Quilts to Bird in Hand,PA. While sewing in the conference room after a big day shopping we were talking about UFO's and the fact that I hade NONE! Yep none. Well my friend gave me parts to these lovelies. Circa 1980's - look at the gold metallic on the fabric. And she challenged me to finish them for her. And I went home and did a few every month. I was so proud of myself and I started adding sashing and borders. Then she finds more *gasp* and send them to me. Now I don't have anymore of the sashing or border fabrics and I continue to applique ( not very well) the rest of the Sues. Now I need to rip apart the top ( in progress) to reassemble the top and quilt it for her. She doesn't want them back as she has a dislike to how pregnant Sue looks (???)
and we've had great fun in the last few years sending "stuff" back and forth.

When I finished this top this year she raved over the colors. How they reminder her of the Florida Keys :)

We belong to a group that gets together once a month or so and do a quilty frenzy. Prizes are donated and winners drawn every few hours.
I was the hostess in November and made sure that I was the one to send her a prize :) So with the spare parts of my ocean wave blocks I took some of the hand dyed fabric and embroidered her a SB Sue and Sam.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I know I"m evil and going to hell in a hand basket *VBS*

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Candace said...

Anytime you feel like being evil, I'll take a cute quilt like that. Your friend should laugh and then treasure it.