Friday, January 30, 2009

Quilts/blocks/ animals

With all the cold weather - the quilts have been working overtime. Better the quilts than the furnace I say. Here's handsome hubby and Moose enjoying Hubby's quilt.

This quilt must be real comfy. Here's hubby and Nancy watching the boob tube.

I have the first row of Aunt Kathy's quilt done. I love the little embroidered animals holding ribbons. I also have embroidered hearts to alternate with the 9 patches. I still need to embroider 20 or so more blocks. Thank goodness for my little brother machine *VBS*

When I mad ethe lazy/shooting star Breast Cancer quilts I had a million bonus hsts. I started making these blocks months ago and put them away. Last night looking for a pattern in an old Quilters Newletter magazine I was that they called it Split Rails. I've also seen it called Sawtooth Rails. I have these blocks going in non pink and whites - just random lights and darks.

I've been missing most of the week because Monday I was going to a quilt show meeting for the guild and managed to get into a car accident with a teen about DD's age. Poor guy was pretty shaken up. Only damage to both vehicles was his license plate wrapped around the hitch to my truck-lol. I pulled it off and stepped onto the sidewalk and some ding dong - talking on her cell phone hit his car which hit my truck again! Still no damage to my truck- but the poor kid lost a bumper. They really make cars like tin cans these days-imho. Next day I was so sore. Whiplash I'm sure but by Wednesday I had xrays to make sure nothing was seriosly wrong. there wasn't :)
but put a big damper on sewing this week.
Lots of people needing blocks for love quilts. I've done 2 of 3 requests. Need to mail them Monday. I want to finish the last request and mail all at once.

Tomorrow I clear off the table and pin baste Buffalo Troubles for hand quilting. And baste the Feathered Star for my friend's bday on Thursday. Wish me luck :)


kathyinozarks said...

Love these kitty and hubby pics and under your quilt too-precious.
I like that sawtooth block-always such inspiring work Kim-hugs

Joansie said...

Quilts look great, of course.

Glad you weren't hurt in the accident except for a little soreness. Poor kid, it hurts to have your car in an accident when your that age (or any age for that matter..duh!)

Greenmare said...

I got whiplash from a tail ender a few years ago, make sure you stretch your neck frequently, especially when you are sewing a lot!!
love the pinky quilt!!!!