Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ohio Stars

For the last week or so I've been trying to make blocks and hide them to make a quilt for hubby. Yeah he gets Buffalo Troubles but I wanted something that said "Dave" so I've been making Ohio Stars and putting the Masonic Square and Compass in the centers. I really didn't think this through ( as usual) or the centers would be darker blue. The design still would have shown up. Any how I finally finished piecing the top and wouldn't you know hubby came home early and saw it :(

I did manage to make the darker squares with quilting lines for the Ohio Star and pinned it. Since we're following the stitching lines I can't use the juki and the frame. SO we're looking for the juki's reg foot pedal and I will attempt to quilt it on the dining room table over the weekend and get it done by Monday morning

One block :


Joansie said...

Nice, Kim. Bet hubby was extremely pleased!!!

AverettLadyNana said...

Love the quilt. Wish my dad were still alive...he was a Mason too and he would love a quilt like it. I did do him a counted cross stitch of the Masonic emblem and hubby made and octagonal frame for it. He loved it showed it off to all his Masonic brothers who came to see him while sick. We ended up doing one for one of my uncles and a distant cousin raised by my great-grandmother so he was like an older brother/younger than normal uncle to me. All three are now deceased...if they were living I would have to making at least three quilts with the Masonic theme.