Sunday, September 21, 2008

Let's all go camping.....

I'm looking for repro fabrics to do a guild challenge of state Quilts and was browsing an email I got this morning.
Now who do you think of when you see this fabric line of handsome and hunky men???

Kinda reminded me of this from the NJ Quilt Show in June.

Seriously, someone should immortalize Mark Lipinski as a lumberjack, don't you agree?


Joansie said...

Interesting fabric. Now that would make a great pillow cover or blankie!!! (sigh!)

Sweet P said...

Love the burly men! I have fabric of construction men. They look just as hunky!

Go Red Sox! Did you hear they clinched a playoff berth tonight?

Beth said...

I think that maybe a gay man came up with the fabric...sigh.