Saturday, September 06, 2008

Visitors in the Gardens

This guy grosses me out everytime I go in and out the front door to get the mail. I was going to try and get a pic of it's web with rains from Hanna this morning but she hasn't graced us with her presence "yet". So Miss Lurker ( you know who you are) is this the same kind as at your house??? LOL

While sitting on the patio the other night enjoying a glass of vino and talking with my mom and daughter Mr Creepy Praying Mantis came to visit...lots of shreaking on DD's part.....

another look at Mr Creepy

This is the fatty that recked my garden in one afternoon. He makes Moose look thin. :(

Food is cooked for the day, generators are ready- plenty of gas for them and propane for grills to reheat things and cook if need be.
Over reacting? Maybe. But they said Floyd wasn't going to be bad and we lost power and phones for almost a week. So we err on the side of caution now. Hand sewing is all prepped for the weekend, Amish Tumbling Blocks and Yoyos :). I have candles and lanterns for the house too!

Met game was postponed till tomorrow, a double header against the Philleys -WOW!! Pedro and Santana are pitching....good thing the losers are on the west coast playing later.....


Anonymous said...

hey 'lil kim!!
this is my second bog comment today - a world record.
This is the same spidey that I have, but mine was lighter in color, less black, more red.
The mantis is cool and creepilicious.
Love your blog, and now, back to my lurking position :)

kitch240 said...

Hi again -
he he, it was me. how creepy that you can send an anonymous comment.

Joansie said...

I had a "mantis" on my screen door this morning. Yuck! Like you, I don't like them either.