Friday, September 19, 2008

Still here

Just alot of "stuff" taking up my time lately. I did manage a few morning star blocks this week :) and some more lazy star/shooting star blocks.
I'm looking to start my yoyo /hand quilting top soon as the weather is getting cooler I'll need something to keep me warm.

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above is a pic of the wall hanging - probably in top stage that I made from a Quilt University class. Cause we all hate blogs w/o pics.
Sometime next week I hope things are back to normal ( whatever that is) but there are funeral viewings Sunday and a funeral Monday. Then we're going to Shea one more time before it closes to see the Mets vs the Cubbies. THe work on the table is coming along- it really needs to be refinished but I'm not doing that. Though we still need to stain and finish the doors from last years construction :( and I have a feeling it will be me staining them....

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Joansie said...

That fabric is gorgeous, and yes, we hate blogs without That must be where the saying came from.."A picture is worth a thousands words."

Did I miss one of your blogs? You have a funeral to go to?