Saturday, May 03, 2008

Local Quilt Show

One of the local guilds had their quilt show today and tomorrow. A few of us drove up to see it and shop. Other than a few fqs- templates, purse parts, patterns, hand quilt stencils. The only yardage was for a jacket - does that count??? My qps is nuts. In the middle of 684 ( a 4 lane each way highway) it said I needed to make a left :O

I'd love to make one of these with book titles embroidered titles on the spines

Blue and white is a favorite classic of mine

Best of show happens to be one of my guild members *VBG*

Now I love ,love this quilt :) Since I have a rolling cart of 2 1/2" squares I bet it won't even make a dent-I'm thinking cream for a background.

they had a picasso challenge for the guild. I should start my guild's challenge for next year :p

Amish Mavrick stars- looks like a fun quilt :)

Is this not an awesome quilt as you go quilt???? One of the members is sending me the pattern to start one....I'm so excited :)

All and all a fun day :)


dot said...

Nice quilts. They are all very lovely.

Mel said...

Fun quilts. I think I like all of them.
I expect a little keyring from you. LOL

Sonja Threadgill Nelson said...

I want a keyring too!!!

Karen Dianne Lee said...

Wow these are fun and so inspiring. I'm going to sew now.

You made my day!

Cheery Love, *karendianne.

Helen in the UK said...

What great quilts!! I particularly like the blue/white and the scrappy with pinwheels in the border. Both great stashbusters. Looks like a great day out, thanks for sharing :)

Sarah Nopp said...

I would love to do a PIcasso Challenge! I will bring this up to my guild. And I made a starry quilt with all wonky stars- very similar.