Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Off the Stashbusting wagon BIG TIME

Well at least they were legal buys ;)
I got 15 yards of 90" muslin for quilt backings
and 2 yards of a black print and a dark green each for borders and bindings for 2 of the Girl Scout quilts.

Now if it would just warm up again to quilt outside...we actually had a frost last night. brrrrr

And them Yanks lost to Jeanne's Tigers :( . And what's up with the O's being first place?????

Tonight's stitching group for guild at Borders :) and tomorrow is a play date with Katie who fixed Ethel for me. I miss my featherweight and I heard she purrs now .

According to the weather station we're going to get days of rain :( starting tomorrow- of course the kids have 2 day passes to some out door concert Sat and Sun and hubby has a huge plant sale at his work. Seems only I planned on being inside at a quilt show and a quilt shop. ( Which I need to make my list of Maderia thread I need)

Well I should be working on my Ocean Wave blocks- it's a me quilt day :)


Sweet P said...

Legal buys are OK!

Yeah, I can't believe that Baltimore is in first place. At least the Sox are tied with them after last night's win.

Sarah Nopp said...

Legal buys LOL
I have been going to a drop in sewing day at a local shop. The temptations are overwhelming. I am plotting and planning a number of new projects...

Joansie said...

Hey, you deserve all that fabric purchase as you make so many quilts. Sounds like you will have a fun day and I'm jealous.

Karen Dianne Lee said...

You're cute with your purchases. And yes, I forgot you were working on those Ocean Waves. Oh, I wanted to see those, too!