Monday, May 19, 2008

Once Upon a time.............

I had time to actually sew. I have 6 of the 7 Girl Scout quilts quilted. I just need to do the binding tomorrow. Sometime in the next day or 2 I need to load the last one and get it quilted. It's actually for the mom who's been a great help in my 10 years of GS here. Next Wednesday is our last meeting besides the Gold Award ceremony. Kinda sad actually.

Since Mother's Day I've been pretty sick and it wasn't till Thursday that I felt well enough to do anything and I ended up packing to go to PA for a funeral. My favorite uncle died a week ago here in NJ and it became a major ordeal with an autopsy etc. My poor cousins having to deal with all of that. So that was my weekend.

But the highlight of my week was coming home to find a package from Joansie with 2 pair of knitted socks. Joansie has a pic of both pair here. Aren't they awesome?? They're so comfy-

Then I sent an email to my guild by mistake and complained about some of the attitudes and boy oh boy the fall out was priceless. All's better for now- well until the president reads the email and calls to ummmmmmm give her opinion- yeah that's a pretty diplomatic way of putting things. :p But I ran the board meeting tonight and we actually got out on time - which is a small miracle in itself.

But for quilting I got nothing done. No fabric came in and none went out so it was a wash. But I did order a couple of patterns from Sew Thankful this morning :)

But i need to make a quilt like the eq drawing for a baby due in July. But I'll probably make it nice and scrappy. Not all blue and white as shown

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AJ said...

Wow, what a weekend. Your design is nice and will look wonderful as a scrappy little quilt.