Saturday, May 24, 2008


I hope everyone is enjoying their long holiday weekend.
I'm stitching labels for the Girl Scout Quilts to sew down tonight when I watch my brother's monsters. I need to bind my daughter's quilt ( why are our children's quilts the last ones finished?) and hopefully get the labels all sewn down tonight and I have one more quilt to quilt for the mom who did cookies all these years. Won't be the end of the world if not finished in time. She lives about 1 mile away.

Hubby is interviewing in Buffalo, NY next month. Lots of mixed feelings over that one. And who wants to deal with 200" of snow????
I can't make myself crazy over it till we find out if he gets the job or not. My son is flipping as he's going with us like it or not as a sophmore in HS. DD gets to stay here for school since we've paid a huge deposit already. She'll live with my parents.

There is a guild that meets where hubby might work so I should be able to make some new friends quickly. ( I hope).

The Yankees are playing poorly lately :( not that I've had time to watch them with all the drama of senior year of HS and the end of GS. Not to mention the 25th anniversary luncheon for the guild 2 weeks from today....maybe watching 3 monsters will be a break in disguise :)

Take time to remember the reason of Memorial Day -hug a Vet if you know or see any.....

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Rhonda said...

Just thinking about packing up and moving "anywhere" is worrisome to you have to move, I'm sure that you'll make new friends quickly. Quilters are always the friendliest people.