Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Sales - stash report

Yesterday I had to cover 8 hours of working a concession stand for DD- this after covering 9 hours of babysitting. Needless to say the girl owes me a week of Vanilla Lattes :p
But I went to Joann's to buy a border fabric for the GS cookie mom's quilt I decided to gift her with and saw books were 40% off
I had to buy some-lol
So I bought 3 this one,this one and finally this one .So much to read and absorb.
But I did finally finish all 6 of the Girl Scout quilts and put labels on them. Washed them and tomorrow will buy gift bags and tissue paper, as a troop we have almost $500 left so the girls are all getting visa gift cards and I'm ordering lots of yummy food for the party, shrimp to be cooked ala Pioneer Woman Doesn't it look simple yet yummy???? Sushi and a few bottles of bubbly so everyone can have ONE glass to celebrate.
Prom is less than 2 weeks away- room at the Jersey shore is rented for afterwards. Alterations are done on DD's dress. Oh and her Dad is letting her out of the house dressed like that :P. Graduation party invites are mailed. Present ordered( she wants the green one). I even ordered the smaller red one for myself as a bday present :p. Plus we're giving her the car she's driving as her own. No more the car is in your dad's name it better be home by XX. Please pray for our sanity on this one :D
Well laundry needs to be switched....
Oh I bought 2 yards of fabric and finshed 2 more 5x7' quilts plus backing and bindings....I'm sure I'm ahead of the game at this point. Just thankfull to have them all done on time


Mel said...

Love the books.
Why would you buy red? I thought it would be blue? LOL
Glad you got something done and hope you are feeling better.

Jeanne said...

Great books! Congratulations on finishing the girl scout quilts! That was quite a project and you did it! Buffalo is only about five hours or so from here depending on the bridge time. Tigers lost a heartbreaker last night in the 12th inning. I couldn't get to sleep after that one.

Sweet P said...

The books look like fun. The prom dress is stunning.

How did DH's interview in Buffalo turn out?

I won't ask you about the Yankees. My Red Sox can't seem to win on the road, just like the Celtics.