Saturday, June 30, 2007

Vintage State of Mind

Cool aren't they?? I won the thread case and thread on ebay this past week :)
Under $10 including shipping. So cute, I love wooden thread spools. I'd just love to fill a jar with more of them. And the pile of fabric, well that is one month from keepsake quiltings fq of the month and all my friends helping me with repors for my cathedral windows. Aren't friends great ? I think so I'm sure I'm going to have PLENTY to finish the king sized ALL BY HAND quilt. I hope by the end of the summer as I have another hand quilting project in mind for the fall/winter cooler months when having a quilt in you lap is fun.

Of course this morning I was checking my email and one of my favorite ebay sellers had those really cool yoyo makers from clover but they were hearts and flowers!!! Oh my I couldn't stop myself and now I'm getting both of those too in 2 sizes.....

Books and toys but no fabric.....maybe the stashbusters group was right with the diet of all things quilty, I'm not sure the economy can handle if I went on a diet of all of it though. That's my story and I'm sticking with it

Thursday, June 28, 2007

While minding my own business

The nice mail lady brought me a package yesterday, actually 2. But this is the one we're going to worry about since I'm not buying fabric except the borders, backing and bindings ( ok I cheat and buy whites too to help get this stuff used- it's still a b-backgrounds)I got a package STUFFED and I mean STUFFED of 30's repros....pretty pretty :). But now I have more fabric I "need" to use up. Heavy Sigh.
Then I remembered I'm supposed to be working on a love quilt for one of the groups I used to belong to, a commitment is a commitment so I go looking for the few blocks that came and find these:

and while working away on making more blocks for the love quilt I keep seeing the repro red I used for sashing and borders. They're hand pieced pretty much and everything I won them at an auction at our guild's annual luncheon. So I used up some of the incoming fabric but created a UFO - well for a day or two it is as the backing is in the dryer and I'm putting together some of the 36 patch blocks I have used for leaders and enders and some cool block I saw on someone's blog and decided to use some more of these insane 2 1/2" squares I seem to have become preoccupied with, I mean I must have 1,000's. I kid you not....but that's another story for another day......

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

So easily led astray

On one of the groups I belong to there has been much talk on making pineapple quilts. We're into trying new techniques and blocks. One of the other girls was going to make a block tonight and post a pic in the AM...4 1/2" she's nuts (lol)
Sooooooooooooo, of course I "had to" try the block too! I mean I have a great book on pineapples and there's that so many patterns not enough time thing again :(
So I made 4, 6 1/2" blocks to be used in a love quilt for a member's sister :).
See I got to play with the technique (and I liked it alot ) and not create another UFO - yeah!!!!
Now to finish trimming another 528 hsts for the ocean waves quilt-sigh....

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Stashbuster Topic of the Week: What get's in the way of my quilty progress?

Hmmmmmm there's a great question for debate huh??
Well I seem to quilt at least 4 hours a day - I know I know spoiled rotten stay at home mom for the summer. Come fall I need to look for a job :(
But I think the starting and stopping of projects for whatever reason, to actually use the huge oak table for meals, or driving one of the kiddies from point A to B. And then there's the quilter's ADD that makes me jump from one project to another w/o finishing any. Well I shouldn't say that. When I get on a roll I have several finishes at one time and then hubby stands there shaking his head in wonder.
I have more than one leader/ender project going at anytime and there are so many wonderful patterns that I doubt I'll ever finish them all and get any sleep in this lifetime. VBG I mean I have enough fabric to do them all I'm quite sure but the time is the killer. After all the family does expect me to do the chores of Cinderella- cooking meals, laundry, drive them around etc , etc but then they see a quilt and want one of those too. And there's nothing the same as seeing a child of any age sleeping so peacefully under a quilt that YOU made for them for now I'll play Cinderella for them because all too soon they'll be leaving here to be in the big world of college etc and then I'll have all the time to sew I want AND a sewing studio when I take over their

Block One Done :)

Well I managed to do ONE block. Not as bad as I thought. Yeah!!!
So that's it for today and now to veg in front of a baseball game and work on cathedral windows and yoyos-

Another day in paradise

No pic today- where I left my camera is beyond me :) At least I know it's in the house somewhere. Spent the day yesterday cutting and pressing more cathedral windows parts for take along VBG . Another dozen yoyo's. What I'm doing with those is still a mystery to me but they're fun, mindless sewing.And they look so cute in a mason jar on my sewing table.
Need to finish trimming my ocean waves hsts and try a block of that. Wouldn't it be terrible if I made all of them and now hate this block? :O
But the kiddies are still sleeping so I "try" no to make alot of noise till at least 9AM and then all bets are off.....VBEG. Guess I should grab another cup of coffee and get the day going. Wonder what other fabric trouble I can get into today??? One can only imagine.................

Saturday, June 23, 2007

So what do you think?

I love how it came out :)
And it's just like the one he loved to death.
Onto FSL bookmarks with the embroidery machine and cleaning up for the family bbq tomorrow. Have a great weekend all

Thursday, June 21, 2007

It's Offical

Summer is here, the kiddies got out of school this afternoon .
DS graduated from 8th grade last night....DD managed to pass ALL of her classes with a C or above - woo hoo for her!
Spent the morning still trimming hsts for ocean waves-300 to go of the little ones, I haven't even started cutting that beautiful fabric I dyed for the large triangles in the corners.....the graduation quilt is quilted and the the binding has been sewn on on. I need to finish sewing it down tomorrow and make a label for it :)

The other day I got a book Liberated Quilting by Qwen it ,love it ,love it. I made a 14 1/2" block this morning one of her liberated log cabin blocks. When I get my camera back from DD later I'll take a pic and post. It felt so very weird to be just sewing together with no worries if it "Matched" in size or whatever just sew ,press and trim.
Then I went back to work on my 30's repros cathedral windows. Will be queen, almost king sized when finished. Still have lots to go...above is a sample block.....
that's it from the home front- need to finish these last few "windows so I can start another row .....

Monday, June 18, 2007

Still quilting :)

Well I finally got the grad quilt loaded and even managed to get a couple of the rows quilted this morning.
Between running around with dd and checking po boxes I mananged to get a couple hundred more hsts done for my summer project.....

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Quilting A.D.D.

I'm supposed to be working on my son's graduation quilt
Graduation quilt bmp
But instead I'm doing all kinds of other things .....
Like finally finishing my NYE Mystery that Ann did on alot of groups last New Years Eve

Or making yoyo's with the new Clover toy with Moda tin charms:
Charm yoyos

I need to turn off the computer and buckle down and get this grad quilt bordered, pice the backing and load it on the frame. My goal is to quilt it tomorrow night and do the binding ( already made) this weekend...that's my story and I'm sticking with it-lol

Friday, June 08, 2007

Amish Insanity

more blocks

So I was minding my own business this morning being a good mommy/wife and cleaning up the house. Ding Dong! Nope, not Avon but the nice mail lady with a package :O
Inside are some great Amish solids - wow!! So of course I NEED to go find the templates for the tumbling blocks- I mean I really had to- it's like I had absolutly no control over what was happening-lol.
And I made a few blocks- one by machine that did not lay flat no matter what I did to it :(
Then I tried a couple by hand -WOW!! that worked great ;)
So then of course I NEEDED to drag out some more solids and more and there's some more- you get the drift of where this is going right???? So I pretty much spent about 80% of the afternoon making blocks VBG!
So I definatly see a king sized tumbling block quilt in my future- well maybe in the distant future- that's alot of blocks that need making :)
But alas- I must put this away "for now" as I'm "supposed" to be binding a quilt and working on pressing more cathedral window parts- who knows, maybe I'll even finish the house work I started this morning- or again, maybe not VBG

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Vet Quilt Finished

I mailed it this morning- should be where it belongs by Monday- the latest.

Judy of Sunshine Quilts, challenged us to make charity quilts for the month of June- I like that idea. As soon as I finish the binding on the quilt I'm doing now I'm going to work on another Vet quilt. Hopefully to be finished and delivered by July 4th.
How cool would that be? But it's a quilt on color values that is way past due- could that be the reason? I don't want to deal with the playing of the layout of all those blues....sigh.
This weekend I'll get it out again- the book with pattern has been sitting on my desk for month..

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Joann's Gift Card Contest

Check out the Wooden Porch's blog,
She's having a contest to win a gift card from Joann's :)
Now we know that not everyone likes Joann's fabric, but they have lots of great rulers and notions that can be had for a song with a 40% coupon.....

hmmm....I need to figure out what my give away on 360 will be since I'm at almost 20,000 views who would have thought that in less than a year that would happen :D

Monday, June 04, 2007

Monday Stashbusting

Though I only had to buy backing fabric it was on sale 50% off with an additional 10% off with AQS membership card *VBG*
Hoping to get the backing pieced and the whole thing loaded on frame tonight- make a ton of bobbins and get quilting in the morning !
Not exactly like the eq drawing I did but a friend showed me this setting and I thought it was kinda cool and I love something "different" so I had to try.
Vet Top

June 4,

36 patch star top

Well last night was the family party for dad and I :)
He loved his quilt-
Today I'll be getting borders on the Vet Quilt and loading it on the frame- hoping to start quilting it also. Time will tell.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


Is anyone else trying to decide if they should stay or go with the 360?
I mean there is so much on the blog in less than a year - seems a shame to lose it all and move but......what a pita is it to use sometime :(