Sunday, January 31, 2010

What's on your Design wall?

Bonnie Hunter came to our guild almost 2 years ago.I blogged about it here. We had such fun at dinner and I took the Star Struck workshop the next day. Unfortunatly it was the first beautiful spring day and I spent a lot of time goofing off on my cell outside :( . My friend Katie cut a million strips for me to use in the class and I got 3 blocks done. I wanted to sew this week I had grand plans of making blocks for a love quilt- though my son stepped on my 24" ruler snapping it in few places.Big ox he is. So I looked through some boxes for something to do that didn't need length or width wise cuts of fabrics and lo and behold there was the Star Struck stuff. So for about 45 minutes to an hour a day I've been sewing parts and blocks. Both pieces are the same size for wall hangings. My aunt visited yesterday and she loved the blocks - hense 2 wall hangings. But I probably have enough for a third...we shall see.
Friday I need to take Dad to the hospital for tests- we could be there hours I was told so I plan on marking at least one with baptist fans and basting it for hand stitching....have another group of blocks that needs to be quilted hopefully by game time on Sunday for a gift. If not a week from Thursday is soon what is everyone else working on these days?????


Barb said...

These look great. I really like the color combo!
I wish I had been able to take that workshop.
Working on quilting on the machine and finishing up UFOs

Cathi said...

That is gorgeous!! I love the colours you used!

quiltrkate said...

It is beautiful!!!