Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Still here just not quilting

Remember all that canning I did of jellies - salsas etc? Add some holiday baking and candy making and you get these :

Here's one I sent to my best friend's house.

Isn't this the sweetest Santa? Aunt Kathy stitched it a couple of years ago and I got it for Christmas this year :)

And can you imagine having so many blue ribbons that you didn't want the one that went with the project? Well I got the blue ribbon she won with the stitchery...

Lately I've been more in a cooking mood than a sewing mood. Though in my defense, I did finish another row of the tumbling block top ...I think I under estimated the size and will have to add rows to both the top and bottom :(

Today though is serious cooking day....spaghetti sauce is simmering away- apple pie in the oven, chicken stock in the freezer for the fat to freeze for easy removal for chicken soup. Biscuts will be made and meatballs for the sauce. Then I need to turn the kitchen (and the dishes) to hubby to make his venison chili - yummy.

Tomorrow I plan on making 2 kinds of jelly- apple pie and jalapeno- not together but both sound wonderful....I bet the jelly would go great in those little brie bites in phyllo we made last week- hmmmm...wonder if I have any more brie in the fridge????

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Barb said...

wow! you are busy!
see you tomorrow at the meeting?