Friday, April 17, 2009

Quiltville Travels to NJ

After a few days running around Buffalo- catching up on laundry and running to Atlantic City for a few days, I got home kinda late to do more than laundry and make agendas for 2 meetings for my guild. The president normally runs the night meeting but she's traveling. So I get the pleasure (NOT) of running the day ( my normal meeting) and the president's. If we had any other speaker than Bonnie Hunter I would have begged off for one. But Bonnie was such a wonderful speaker, and so many people came to see her lecture and beautiful ( though very heavy to hold-lol) quilts.

1" finished squares, all I can say is WOW!!!

I can't remember the name of this mystery. But web pics don't do it justice....

Pineapple blossom I think is my very favorite pattern that Bonnie designed- I've done a few of them, all prettier than the next.

The orange crush mystery.........

A scrappy happy village....

A person more insane than I doing 3" finished log cabins- not to say one won't be attempted in the future- a very distant future.

I need to find mine and finish it. I love this bargello pattern :)

We ( the program ladies,Bonnie and myself) all went to dinner between the meetings. I always heard Thai food was spicy - not to me ....Then I got to sit front and center for the evening lecture and take some pics for all my blog friends to enjoy.
Tomorrow is her workshop on Star Struck- I tell you with all the traveling I never got my class stuff cut, but my friend Katie was a true life saver and cut a ton of strips for me to use tomorrow. THANK YOU KATIE!!!!. So tomorrow is another busy day.....I hope to have more pics for tomorrow evening's edition.
But I'll you this, If you ever get a chance to hear Bonnie or take a class- DO IT! You'll enjoy it immensely- I know I did :).


Mary said...

The one you don't remember is called "Double Delight". I'm still working on it, that's why I know... 1-1/2" strata to make 3-1/2" 9-patches.

Joansie said...

Oh my.......what beautiful quilts!