Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Got my Mojo Back

This morning I was skimming blogs and saw that Finn was working on a kitchen sink top ala San from Gypsy Quilter. I was wondering what became of the one I started in the leftover 30's prints from the Cathedral Windows. While looking for a quilt book it hit me- it actually hit me. The box jumped off the shelf above the bookcase that it was in. I take omens pretty seriously and decided to finish it. It needs some borders and it will be about 60" square. Do you think that's too small for a lap quilt? Since it's on point It's not like I can add more rows w/o ripping it apart. I haven't even put a dent in the leftover fabric....I need another project

I mixed some of these in to break up the blocks. Cute huh? I have a bunch more I think I'll make a table runner or small wall hanging for a friend. You never know.

Another top that needs borders and a backing :) It feels good to be finishing stuff again. I got the pattern from Bonnie at Quiltville

I have the backing for Carolina Crossroads and it will be done next week so I can bind it and have a nice Christmas quilt.
I need to make 5 more pineapple blossom blocks this week and start putting together that quilt also. That will leave the Ocean Waves to be quilted. I'm waiting for a silk batting from Santa *wink*
Well borders don't get cut and attached playing on the computer...if it weren't so darn cold in the garage I'd think about quilting the quilt on the frame so I can get some of these pretties done.......

**Scratch that making extra blocks :) while cleaning up the fabric on the floor- I found 5 more blocks made. So as soon as these others are finished with quilting and binding, PB will be next. I don't need it till 12/23 for the beau's birthday **

I need to clean more often and again I have a ton of b/w jelly roll strips. Maybe I need to hunt for another Quiltville quilt. Oh I think she has one with bricks and 4 patches....this will be good.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Cute cute cute.

Shanna said...

Very nice quilt!! I love the different colors. I used up 2 jelly rolls on Bonnie's Oklahoma Backroads pattern. Turned out very cute. Very scrappy!