Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Blog Warning / Award

Kim West of A Peach In Stitches has made a new
Hazard to My Stash Award and I am a proud first round recipient. Thank you Kim.

I guess all the time I play in EQ is enjoyable to all.

So we're supposed to nominate other blogs that are Hazardous to our stashes,

I find Bonnie of Quiltville very hazardous

Nanette is another one-

Then there is San
and lastly there is Finn.
Finn has been having a challenge to get UFO's finished for New Years and I want to make some of the ones that she has sitting around waiting for finishes.
Will we ever all live long enough to make all the quilts/ projects on our lists????
So if you like- you can use the button to nominate your own favorites. Some of mine we nominated by Kim.


Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

THis is the funnest award I've ever seen. I love it. It is so funny. I'm going to pass it on, thanks!

Finn said...

Hi Kim, thanks for stopping by and for the nomination. I suspect we both suffer from the same addition to being addicted to fabric, it's that "gosh I gotta make that quilt" syndrome!
I think the notebook of quilts I've seen that I want to make weighs a ton...and I'll never live long enough to make even half of them...darn!
Your HST play look like fun, and some great ideas you have. I think the way I like HSTs the best, is when I'm just playing with them, nothing serious in mind. Thanks again for the award. Hugs, Finn