Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Question for my Readers

What was your wedding song?
And if you're like me and did it more than once- name them all :P

My first wedding song was Sea of Love by Robert Plant and the Honey Drippers ( remember them?)

Marriage lasted 3 years- long story but I'm lucky to get out.

This time hubby chose the song from a movie we watched together.
Good Morning Vietnam-
Louie Armstrong What a Wonderful World

When we renewed our vows at 10 years (GASP! almost 10 years ago this June) we used Unchained Melody by U2 ( Bono rocks *S*)

So I'm nosey and want to know.
And no we're not renewing them this year, we're waiting till 25 years


Sweet P said...

We didn't have dancing at my first wedding, therefore no wedding song.

Second time around our wedding song was Unforgettable by Natalie and Nat King Cole.

The Roslaskys said...

At the church(the CATHOLIC church), the processional song was Sunrise, Sunset from Fiddler on the Roof. At the reception, is was The Wedding Song (There is Love) by Peter, Paul and Mary. Can you tell we were married 30 years ago?

Joansie said...

Unfortuantely, I don't remember. My mother insisted on having everything her way for my wedding and we were angry with each other on the big day...sad, huh? I wanted small and intimate and she wanted "big affair". (and I was paying for most of it) I did dance with my dad to "Daddy's Little Girl" and I didn't want that either.

Marriage ended after 16 years. (I deserve a medal for that one.) If I were ever to remarry, my wedding would be small and intimate and the way I want it (and mom is still living). First wedding, I had 250 guests and it was a Christmas theme. I must have been really in love then as who adds additional stress to the holidays?..lol

P.S. I'm much more assertive now and I would have eloped if I were able to go back in time.

Tropical Screamer said...

We were married by a Justice of the Peace, so no music.

We renewed our vows at 10 years (a surprise by my husband who set it up without me knowing at the college where we met).

And we renewed our vows three years ago on our 30th anniversary with just our son and a Hawaiian blessing on the beach. Guess you could say our music was the sound of the ocean kissing the shore.

Thank you for reminding me to think about these great moments.


Infinity Quilter said...

Ours was "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston. (Hubby liked listening to Whitney's voice.)

lenoirdenantes said...

I eloped (with the wedding in a church chapel) the first time and attended a Halloween party immediately after. It was 1969 and I have no idea what the music was.
The second marriage was done by a judge in between court proceedings for DUI's and other court matters. No musice then either.
The third was in church with my daughter and her future husband, my husband's youngest son and my future MIL in attendance. There was no music and then we went home and I prepared a fried chicken dinner for my wedding supper. No music then either.
At the same time, thank you for asking because I need to remember these wonderful times in my life.

renee said...

thank you to 'the roslaskys' because i could not remember the names of the songs, LOL. also big catholic wedding, and we did sunrise, sunset and there is love. :) yep, 29 years for us. :) where DOES the time go?

Candace said...

We didn't have a wedding, got married by a JP. I always thought that I didn't like Louis Armstrong until 'Sleepless in Seattle', and I've liked him ever since. I'm older I guess, I like Unchained Melody, but didn't know U2 did it, we liked it by Ricky Nelson, and the Righteous Brothers. Good songs come back. My parents song was "Sentimental Journey", but we never had one, we just liked a lot of music.

PunkiePie said...

I too had Unforgettable by Natalie and Nat King Cole.