Saturday, October 04, 2008

Another Finish

I need to pay better attention. This quilt top has been on my blog for what? A week? And I've pressed it and measured it- you would think that before I got to the last 12" of quilting I would have saw the mistake in the star points :( I started screaming- hubby thought that crazy spider from last month reappeared on my frame !
Nothing I can do now- I'm sure the newborn won't care and it's a lesson learned.

Here's the label-

Now yesterday at the farm I bought this pumpkin/gourd because of the coolness of the shell- it's two different colors.

And the other side is a different color-


Candace said...

I know how you feel. I have 2 blocks like that in my Carolina Straightaway, and can't understand how I did it and never noticed until a couple of weeks later. The good thing is, I had to look for yours, and you'd probably have to look for mine, too. My husband claims I have a special 'bug' scream, and he knows to come running.

Joansie said...

Those mistakes happen to all of us. I swear my camera has a way of pointing those errors out to me after I have completed the project...darn!