Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's not my fault- really! LOL

Hubby never understands why I get nothing done. Or it takes hours and hours. I've decided that it is the fault of blogland and the US Postal Service.

I was looking at some blogs that have vintage quilts on them and then I ordered 2 older Vintage Quilt Magazines from Mc Calls last week and then have spent almost 2 hours reading them, finding quilts I like and redrawing them into EQ. Take for example the above quilt. It's in the Spring 2006 magazine called Lend and Borrow. Pretty huh??? A few weeks ago a made a love quilt for a friend in pinks and creams and have a million bonus hsts and lots of pink fabric leftover. I need a baby quilt for a girl for July. And look 5 blocks on point and it's just over 64" square. I bet if I look in the kona stash I even have a pink for the sashings....if not, there's enough white to dye to match.

Maybe I should shock the man, turn off the computer and do some housework- do you think his heart can take the shock???? We shall find out later on.....*wink*


Joansie said...

Blogging does suck up a lot of time, unfortunately. I certainly did a lot of knitting in the few days that home computer has been down. Don't give hubby too much of a shock!!! (or he will expect it all the time)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Who wants to clean when you can sew!