Monday, April 07, 2008

Monday 's Post

Another overcast day here in NJ :(.
I haven't been able to sew much as I've managed to get all my machines needing some tlc. The only sewing getting done is Cathdral Windows. I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.That has me very excited and hubby too as he's getting sick of little pieces of 30's fabric every where. Silly man. I have 2 baby quilts to start a boy and a girl one :) One of my friends is having her third boy -yikes !!! Can you imagine???
One of the groups I belong to is doing Pineapple Blossom as a summer quilt. So they'll be lots of cutting in the next few days. I'm doing it in Christmas BLues for a friend...sounds like perfect summer fabric huh????

I got Ami Simm's Quilter's Workstation pattern and I have no clue what I got myself into- 72 steps??? And FIVE zippers!!! And idiot I am I'm going to try and make 2 at once- I'm sure I'll be committed soon after I start.

Fabric in zero- fabric out a fat quarter used for wrapping a bday present....sigh

Baseball should get interesting soon. Seems alot of teams are having a slow start. Only good thing is the Yanks are doing better than hubby's Mets- even with Santana! :p But who would have picked the O's to be in first- not I


The Calico Cat said...

I own that pattern...

Joansie said...

You can do that pattern! I just know you can. So annoying with our "tools" need TLC. I'm suppose to get my "box" tomorrow so I can be on line again at home. Hope that is really the problem...sigh! Can't wait to get home and get the mail. :>)