Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Back from Philley

I love Philadelphia almost as much as I love NYC- Hubby went to school in Bucks county so he knows his way around Philley pretty well. So the kids get to visit both cities often. We were "supposed" to bring the kid to the Ben Franklin Science place to see the King Tut exibit but for $75 PER PERSON I think not-I mean really I felt that was too much-$300 total- come on the Hilton didn't cost that night for the room.

Here's the Philley's crazy mascot :

We wanted to take the kiddies to the new stadium in Philley- wouldn't you know the NY Mets were playing in town...I can't get away from these guys-lol. Every time a Philley hits a home run the Liberty Bell lights up and rings-lol- we got to see it 3 different times the night we were there ( the Mets lost)

Yesterday DD wanted to go back to Eastern State jail for more pics....It's supposed to be haunted..............

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Jeanne said...

Ah! Nothing like the ballpark sounds and smells to put you in a happy mood.