Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Back from being MIA

what a week :( We went for our physicals last Thurs DD and I. And I mentioned my shouler was sore and wanted to see an orthopedist. BIG MISTAKE. After seeing how far a range of movement I "did" ( notice past tense) have she agreed and sent me out with a script for pain killers and antiinflamitory. The next morning I got up in the worst pain I've ever had next to giving birth to 2 children. No joke. Guess I better fill the script for pain meds. Take once daily-ok I'll try, I take one still doesn't help with the pain but I have to pack to go to PA with Dad and DD to see my 88 y/o grandmother. Next day at almost the minute I can I take the next does of meds praying that it works as ice and heat alternating do NOTHING to relieve the pain :(

Getting ready for bed I notice I'm ichy and asked my family if they've been bitten by misquitos also....nope just me. Lucky me. All night Im up in pain ever 45 minutes or so or iching like ,,well like hell. 6 am I get up for the day take a shower notices huge welts all over- all over.....and I have to keep clearing my throat like I have something in it. DUH!!! I wake my dad up and we find out that where we are in PA ( Out near Bucknell ) they roll the sidewalks up early and Sundays everything opens late. And here I am having an allergic reaction to meds- wonderful.
I manage to get some benadryl at a mini mart at a gas station bring it to the counter and it doesn't ring up and the girls are trying all different ways to find the price- meanwhile I'm ichy and cranky and my throat feels like it's closing ( thanks Dad for telling me I might be allergic because it made everything quicken up in results- Im sure is was hysteria working there) I just take a small pack of 2 tablets and a bottle of water and take the pills and wait for them to figure the price out....sigh. Finally they figure a price I buy 3 packs and the water I used to take it and go pick up grandma for breakfast....slept 3 hours home and most of Sunday. Went back to the reg dr yesterday now on steriods and a new pain med that works and I feel like a new person :)
Get to see an ortho Monday the 20th and now have a very long list of things not to do...ironing, sewing , laundry etc etc and now driving :(
So what does my darling hubby do???? Takes the janome and puts it in the trunk of his car to keep me from sewing :O
the nerve I'm telling you.....lol so I guess I'll have to be good and try to read some of these books I have piled high around here- go figure most aren't even quilting books......
Maybe I'll get to learn more on my emb machine for a week or so...one never knows....


Meredith said...

I hope you feel better. That was funny for your hubby to take your machine. Get some rest and enjoy your reading.

swooze said...

Yikes! Glad you got through that ok.