Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Jelly, salsa and liquers......

Second post in a day and neither is about quilting :(
Lately I've been working on other interests- like teaching myself to can, make jellies etc. For years I've been making liquers and flavoring vodkas that I use in holiday baskets.I came across a blog that taught you how make vanilla extract-I go through alot of extract baking each year and decided to start small with a half pint, it came out great! Now I need to get a dozen more vanilla beans to add to the holiday baasket list of things to make :)

I noticed over the weekend that herb garden container isn't doing as well as it was and decided to start drying what was there. Leaving a little bit of each herb so I still have some fresh. So far today the oregano, thyme and one rosemary plant have been dried. The house smells great with each different one. I want to make pesto and either freeze it or find out how to can it for the upcoming months.

Saturday I came up with a brillant (NOT) idea of making orange marmalade since it's one of my mom's favorites.
I scored and peeled about 6 oranges and then carefully cut away the pith, only to read today that I could have saved a ton of time using a vegetable peeler *sigh*

The point of making jams and jelly was to use in baskets at Christmas time.... Of course most of the jams are given away since everyone is amazed ( why I don't know) that I'm learning to can.

Tomorrow I'm going to a garden nursery with hubby to buy some plants to fill the holes in the gardens.....but maybe Thursday I'll get to do some more sewing- maybe actually get another star block done .....one never knows.

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kathyinozarks said...

I love home canned goodies-I have been canning since I was a little girl, so may be able to help if you have a question-