Sunday, September 20, 2009

Call the Press I'm actually sewing

This is a wall hanging I started quilting last weekend. It's a Christmas present for a dear friend. I'm almost done hand quilting it (:

Here are two mini quilt tops I finished this weekend. I have a third started- paper piecing *yikes* They are for a mini quilt auction that will run during our quilt show in November. You know you buy books because they're cute. These are from 2 books I bought last year.

This one is from American Doll Quilts 16 Little Projects that Honor a Tradition by Kathleen Tracy

This one is from the book,Paper Pieced Mini Quilts by Wendy Vosters. I didn't paper piece this one though. It was an easy enough design to just enlarge using 2" squares.

There are two more mini quilts I'd like to make. I started one and I need to make a million hsts for the other

I started a photography class last week- been playing with some setting on camera. I tried taking a few of the cats
Nancy is a ham and doesn't mind her pic taken. Something with the flash bothers Moose and he moves

And DD and her date before the wedding they were going to this afternoon- such cuties. He was an hour late picking her up and wasn't a happy camper....

And how about those Jets???


The Calico Cat said...

My husband is the hugest Jets fan...

Joansie said...

You are on a roll with your quilting!!! Moose is just as sweet as ever.

Cute couple!! An hour late, huh!!!