Tuesday, June 09, 2009

What's in the Box? This is what's in the box

Only Paula knows for sure.
Months ago we said we'd trade boxes of goodies for opening day. Of course my box was late- real late. Like I finally mailed it Saturday morning before the guild luncheon. But it arrived in NH yesterdsay. So tonight at first pitch of the Red Sox vs Yankee game we'll be opening our boxes. I can't wait to see what goodies are in there. Thanks Paula :)

OH my I'm so spoiled by Miss Paula.
Just look at all the goodies. I love the blue baseball fabric- great choice. LOL Dominos are a fav here in the house. I'm sure the Met fans won't appreciate playing with them. THere was one more piece of dark chocolate but that's my most favorite and I just had to munch on it while uploading the pic.
There's a bag to fill with rice and herbs for when you're sore- a cute wallet and pincushion, a great magnet that says Jesus Always Welcome and a small letter K. Thank you so much Paula. I hope you enjoy your box also.

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Sweet P said...

You know, I don't even remember what I put in the box! I'll be as surprised as you. Hopefully there will be a first pitch tonight!