Sunday, June 07, 2009

Bison Baseball in Buffalo

One of the first things we did this trip in Buffalo was take in a Bisons baseball game. Gotta love $8 tickets to sit in great seats.
The Bisons were the Clevland Indians farm team till this year when the NY Mets bought them. Of course on a Thursday afternoon doesn't matter where your seats are you can sit anywhere cause no ones there. I hope it gets more crowed once school get out up there.

Of course the game was the Bisons vs the Clippers - Mets vs Yankees.

Willy Mo Pena- was he a Red Sox before? Hubby thought so.

Kinda cute- never saw pretzels shaped like this at games.

The conehead beer vendor.....

Here are the mascots....ok with the Buffalos already people.

Love this sign even if it is in Met's orange and blue-lol
I'm sure Paula can relate- Jeanne too.

The Sabre's hockey rink is being torn down now that they have a new one.

What a pain in the butt that is- little black specks of something flying around in everything-your hair your beer....looked like little pieces of the stuff on roofing shingles. The rink also known as the Aud is going to be completely ripped down this weekend. Yippee!


Sweet P said...

I believe Willy Mo did play for the Red Sox at one time. And, yes, I can relate to Baseball Being a State of Mind!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Those farm teams are great. It is almost just as fun to go to those games. I hope the sox have a good season this year. I don't hold out much hope for the phillies. We had our year last year. That pretzel looks good!