Saturday, April 11, 2009

Buffalo Zoo

Hubby met the director of the Buffalo Zoo at a luncheon held for him a week ago and Ms Fernandez and hubby were talking about DD's love of giraffes. She said that when we came up she would give us a private tour of the zoo- kinda behind the scenes if you will. I don't think I've ever seen my daughter smile so much in the last few years.

This sweet one was born in January :)

We got to hear all about the new plans for new and improved exhibits for the animals and all about the great breeding program that Buffalo is involved in.

This dude was enjoying his water ....

This one is for Lester and Smudge..and all our kitty friends.
OMG My heart was racing in the big cat house- we walked on this concrete slab between 2 rows of cages- tigers on our left and lions on our right. Can you imagine slipping against either set? But the tigers were so beautiful up close and personal.

I took over 200 pics that I need to go through and edit or delete. Some of the zoo - mostly more pics of the orchids at the gardens where hubby works.
I'll tell you- hubby is like a Rock Star up there. The new exciting director of the Botanical Gardens....who would have known? He's still Guru to me.....


Sweet P said...

How cool to get a close up view of those magnificent animals. Thanks for sharing them with us.

kathyinozarks said...

what a fun adventure Kim!
When we were in the business of breeding exotic birds for resale and for the zoos, we became friends with the curator of the Milwaukee Zoo. We got the special treatment of behind the scenes in the aviaries-very cool!
I loved the girraff photos. Have a wonderful Easter-back home again-hugs

Jeanne said...

How exciting to get a private tour of the zoo! I love the photo of the tiger. :-) Hope everyone adjusts well to the move.

Catherine said...

Wow -- those are amazing pictures. Lester realises there are larger cats than him now! :-)
The giraffe photos are fantastic!