Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sizzling Circles

A couple of months ago my very talented friend,Lacey,asked me to do one of her patterns to "possibly" be used in an upcoming book.
I picked my fabric at guild one Friday afternoon and set it aside till after the holidays. Then after the holidays came the announcement that I'm moving to Buffalo. *sigh*
Well enough dragging feet, last week I started the pattern. Very well written I might add :) and screwed it up. First off the colors I picked didn't go together well at all even though they were from the same fabric line. Great off to Joann's I go, toting fabric with me. I pick a lime green . Start again and miscut one piece. Of course that means I need to drive 45 minutes to get more fabric. And then back to Joanns for batting and more lime green fabric. Everything was going along great. I mark the quilting lines with this:

Before I start the applique part I go to brush off the markings and guess what? I doesn't come off. AUGGGGGGG! So Saturday Lacey and I have a state guild meeting- the heavens are smiling on me in a quilt store!! Yeah!! I buy some more fabric, this time a batik and new fqs to make 84 yoyos! Cause now the old ones won't match!
Sunday is spent at the accountants all day affair. And I missed a message she needs my sample ASAP! So Monday night I start again. And it was all going so very well. I had my other pieces to practice anything on before I did it to the new sample. I used these for new marking- a caulk marker that can be refilled and a stabilo water soluble pencil. The pencil rocks!!!!

I go on step by step and find out later that I did something wrong. I start crying and hubby the ever loving person said - "Just finish it- no more fabric" We decided it was a design opportunity. Other than Lacey, no one will know what I did wrong. It was a great learning experience and I was so happy to be done. DD likes it so much she wants it when it comes home. But cutting big circles from fabric leaves this mess:

Of course now I'm cutting strips and little tiny 2 1/2" squares for future projects :)

Finally a finished product! Lacey picked it up this morning.

I really like the finished product and plan to make a table runner with the original fabric and another color :) See it isn't hard at all - just a series of comedy errors :)

Now for the good news! Farve decided he's really retiring!

(Sorry Kathy) Let's see he went what 26 interceptions and 26 TD passes for the year. I don't know about you but I know some high school quarterbacks that don't make millions a year with better stats.
He should have stayed retired after last season. What a waste of millions of Jets $ and now Pennington is playing in Miami- lovely.
He;s high on my shit list- right after Arod.

Now I know you're all going through Moose withdraw. Last week I kept trying to take his picture and he kept closing his eyes-lol.


Infinity Quilter said...

Don't get too excited about Favre yet. Come May/June he'll probably change his mind AGAIN. He really should have been a female! I'm just glad that we're free of him here in Wisconsin. What I think is hilarious is that his "news" hasn't made it to the front of Yahoo! They're sick of him changing his mind too.

kathyinozarks said...

I love your new block Kim.
As for Favre, I still loved watching him, but the last couple years he has just thrown too many interceptions. Michael Jordon did the same thing; retired, then came back out of retirement.
It must be very difficult for these athletes to say goodby to the game they love. and Favre always enjoyed playing, and for me fun to watch.
He did bring in alot of money and excitement to the Jets, but he also turned upside down diferrent players careers as well.
If you look at Favre's total career-it is quite stunning-he has broken every record possible and in his prime he was one of the best quarterbacks of all time.
I do agree that once committing to retirement-he should have stayed retired, or Green Bay should have taken him back for his last season of his contract.
just my 2 cents-lol

Mel said...

That is beautiful. Lots and lots of yoyos.
What did she think about it when she picked it up?

Lacey J. said...

I've learned one thing....Never tell Kim what I really want to do with the samples she does for me! ;-) The Sizzling Circle Grapes sample was just wonderful when I picked it up but I think I spooked her with wanting to use it in the book!

You're the best Kim!!! And I love it!!!

Jeanne said...

Great job with the circle project! Since when is Moose camera shy? I think Favre should have stayed retired, too.

Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Ooh pretty. Really, those are yo-yo's? Neat idea! Kinda cool to make samples, then you get free patterns! Lol*