Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

Today was spent not sewing like I wanted to- oh and I have so much to finish in the sewing/quilting department. Instead I typed and typed and typed some more. I've been updating membership logs for a guild. And I think I bit off more than I can chew. Nah once I get through the next few days I'll be good till the new membership year starts- never fear Lacey I've got it under control :p
Let's see the week from hell has been interesting to say the least- Monday I had a drs appointment. Lose 30 lbs blah blah blah. BUThere's the best part- my blood work was awesome. And the dr commented- she wanted to smack me when I said I didn't take any of my meds for a week. Instead I got all new prescriptions for lower doses -lol. Talking about being here with 2 teens and flying ( yeah right) back and forth to Buffalo she wrote a script for valium
hahahahahahahahahahaha- my last script was filled almost 7 years ago and I still have 1/3 of it left.

Any how- tonight hubby and I went to dinner. That's it for being grownups on Wednesday nights w/o teens *sob* then we went to church to get our ashes and I was asked what I was "giving up" for Lent.
Here it comes again- all that Catholic upbringing in a Lutheran what do I say???

*borrowed from flickr*

Ok anyone that knows me well knows I have a ton of dispensers and even more packs of pez in assorted flavors- like raspberry or chocolate (new- gotta try them) What the hell was I thinking?
Pez Trivia: Did you know that a whole pack of Pez has 10 calories?
SO how much packing do you think Hubby has done????

Zero????? Correct!!! Let's not talk about it anymore ok?
Tomorrow is another day of typing *sigh* and then maybe, just maybe I can sew on Friday-YIPPEE!!!!!


Joansie said...

Never a dull moment!! I'm a "fallen Catholic" (sigh) and forgot about ashes yesterday.
You know your hubby really packing till Friday, you predicted!

jenny said...

cool pez lol use to love them when i was a kid ok got one for you see if you know this what was the verry frist pez ? as to be for thay came out with the toy pez

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I love pez. In 6th grade my dad brought home a case of pez. I don't remember how or where he got it. Someone gave it to him? (sounds black market to me!) and I sold them at school (well what I didn't eat). Pez holds a dear place in my heart.